editorial cover

grand piano resized for PS_Camera banner

Media: Adobe Photoshop CC, Cinema 4D

Skills: 3D Modeling, Illustration, Layout Design

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1. The project

The project was to create a mock cover of a science based magazine or journal of choice. The chosen magazine was Discover, a magazine aimed towards a general audience. The cover image was to be based on an article found within the publication.

2. brainstorming Process

The chosen article from Discover magazine was about the identification of genes that had been found to be associated with higher hearing sensitivity, which was linked to musical aptitude. I created a list of word associations with the idea of "musical aptitude", "hearing", and "genes". 

3. sketching process

I made various sketches based on combinations of words from each idea group to see if the main concepts could be communicated using one cohesive image. The final sketch idea was chosen based on several reasons:

• The piano is a universally recognized instrument

• The shape of DNA base pairs relate closely with the shape of piano keys 

• The piano is associated with musical skill due to it's status as a classical solo performance instrument

3. Final Design

I modeled a piano using Cinema 4D and a still image of the model was imported into Adobe Photoshop CC for further refinement. A large emphasis was placed on rendering, due to the product being an editorial cover. Adobe Photoshop CC was used to create the final layout and labels.

grand piano resized for PS_Camera