stem lab


Media: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Indesign CC 

Shared Contributions: UI Design, Storyboarding, Flowchart

Course: Design of Instructional Programs

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General science literacy is an important need that benefits both individuals and society as a whole. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to engage the attention of younger audiences with traditional educational media such as lectures, books, or videos. Our project was focused on designing a product that could catch the attention of high schoolers while teaching basic stem cell concepts, a topic that is becoming increasingly more important in recent years. 


Through articles and online research, our team found that teens are one of the fastest-growing user groups for smartphones. Roughly half of Americans who own a mobile device play mobile games, and the majority of these users consider gaming a "regular part of the weekly activity." Despite this, few popular interactive games are biology themed, and a preliminary survey reveals only one Spanish-language game that relates to stem cell biology: "Tammy: Aventuras de una celula madre." 

An educational mobile video game might capture an otherwise uninterested high school audience and could be paired with additional online content to further learning in the classroom. 

Final Design

Game content was designed in a more structured format. Learners would undergo multiple scenarios that present the instructional information in different ways, allowing the learner to construct, not memorize the intended content. Users will undergo modular "level" scenarios each structured around one or multiple learning objectives.

UI assets, storyboards of game screens, screen mockups, as well as user flow diagrams of the mobile game were produced.