Sutter Medical Center

high fidelity wireframe interior page 1 with annotations

Media: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Axure RP 7

Skills: User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping

Scroll down for process images, this project is currently in progress

1. The project

To create a mock redesign of a website to improve it's usability. The website chosen to be redesigned was the Sutter Medical Center located in Sacramento. The website home page can be found at

2. User research

I conducted market research to find the demographics of the area being served by Sutter Medical Center. In addition, several interviews were conducted with a broad demographic to find information on user frustrations and goals when using hospital websites. Based on user research, I created several personas and use cases. 

Some key findings:

• Minorities prefer to find care providers of the same racial background

• Language barriers cause website navigation difficulties for minorities 

• A priority for users is to easily find contact numbers for care providers

• Care providers reputation and background is of high interest

• Hispanics and spanish speakers make up 22% of the areas population

3. Card sorting and site map redesign

I performed a card sorting exercise based on the current home page of the Sutter Medical Center website. This was conducted on several classmates to gain a better understanding of user mental models pertaining to hospital websites. I analyzed the results collectively for common themes and the site map was redesigned based on the findings. 

edwin_choi_wk05_site_map2 w border
(Click for larger image)

4. Wireframes and Prototype

I created new wireframes of the home page and several interior pages (the numbers refer to annotations provided separately). Because of language barrier issues, I provided an option to translate the page into the most common languages spoken in Sacramento, ordered by percent of the population. I determined the most important elements based on user task priorities, and made them larger in size and circular in shape to differentiate them from all other elements on the page. Axure RP 7 was used to create the prototype, which can be viewed by clicking the first image.

Wireframe of the home page (click to view prototype)

High fidelity mock up of the home page

5. reflection

I conducted a usability test with several participants along with a questionnaire to ensure that primary user tasks could be completed, and to find further design issues. The appointments element could be redesigned to show that it's not interactive. It was also interesting to find that the limited care providers bio section caused participants to view the service provider as a clinic, rather than a large institution. An expansion of this project could be to test the prototypes on non-English speaking, Hispanic populations, one of the largest user groups identified.